icd reference for optometry

ICD-10 Reference for Optometry

ICD-10 reference for eye care professionals. Drill down to quickly and easily find proper ICD-10 diagnosis code. Initial categories are signs and symptoms, cataract, conjunctiva, cornea, eyelids/lacrimal, glaucoma, iris, optic nerve, retina/vitreous, strabismus/eye movement, vision/refraction, and miscellaneous. Includes ICD-9 references

Transpose Rx

Handy and convenient app that transposes any eyeglass prescription from minus cylinder form to plus cylinder form, or from plus cylinder to minus cylinder. Helpful for optometrists, ophthalmologists, opticians and their staff. Avoid errors in prescription transmission, or use to

Vertex Conversion app eyeglasses

Vertex Conversion

Vertex distance adjustment calculator to convert sphero-cylindrical eyeglass prescriptions to the corneal plane. Spherical Equivalent of eyeglass prescription at the cornea is also calculated. Use to convert eyeglass prescription to contact lens prescription. App has multiple vertex distances for calculation

Crossed Cylinder Calculator

Determine resultant lens over existing lens combined with over refraction. Makes contact lens fitting more accurate. Useful in refining high powered eyeglass prescriptions using over refraction. Quick and easy to use application determines resulting contact lens prescription or spectacle prescription

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Arriving Soon

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ICD-10 Optometry Codes

Quickly drill down through data to find appropriate diagnosis code.